It's the day after the Presidential Election - do you know where your former candidate is?

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Oklahoma was a Republican sweep - but we already knew that was going to happen.  Oklahoma is the reddest of the red states and peculiarly proud of that.

This also means, personally, that I will not receive a pay raise until the next state legislative elections - assuming a few Democrats manage to sneak back in.

Our governor claims to support education, yet the schools consistently get budget cuts.  Oklahoma has one the best public high schools in the entire nation - and that school is struggling for funding.  The faculty and staff have to take furloughs to help keep the school inside its ever-shrinking budget.  They can't hire replacements for retirees, for faculty and staff who leave, and so the whole school is seriously short-handed - and still manages to maintain its standing as a top high school.

Our governor claims to be supportive of children -and yet the school lunch program and low income assistance programs and child care programs  and child and maternal health care programs are being cut.

I am so tired of them saying one thing and meaning something else entirely.

How can they be so proud of being so very very red?

I hope the elections went better in your state.

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