Elated, exhausted and still wired up and fired up from last night's electoral and popular vote victory for our POTUS, the first thoughts I had this morning were about the unending meme steam those of us in communities of color had to endure through-out the entire election season.  

Yeah. I am sittin' here gloatin'.

All the TM lame-stream concern trolls masquerading as pundits have now proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they suffer from anal-rectalitis.

Let's see.

Remember all the "black people were gonna abandon the President" themes?

Yea, those Latinos sure don't show up to the polls.  


Don't forget the ignored Asian-Americans and Native Americans.

More very loud guffaws from my mouth.

As a Sistah, want to thank all those Republican legi-rapers for motivating women of all colors to say NO WAY to Willard.

Too tired to do a sophisticated analysis of the numbers right now. I'm sure there will be plenty time in the days to come, and the yapping class has already started their inane babble this morning, so I have turned off the teevee, and sit here chortling with glee.

Thank you and muchisimas gracias to every single person who got out and voted against a solid wall of Tea-Republican efforts at voter repression and chicanery.  

Yo Romney...I know you are a religious dude.

Well, so are many of us and there is an old saying in the black community:

"God don't like ugly".

That's right.

She doesn't.

Originally posted to Denise Oliver Velez on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 03:06 AM PST.

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