I'd like to join Bill of Portland in congratulating our own former and future Congressman Alan Grayson for winning what might be the biggest "comeback kid" victory ever, last night in Florida, as reported in The Tampa Bay Times Democrat firebrand Alan Grayson returning to Congress

Outspoken liberal Alan Grayson won a return trip to Congress on Tuesday after a defeat two years ago, ... Grayson won by a big margin, topping lawyer and conservative radio host Todd Long in Central Florida's District 9.

Ryan Grim, of Huffington Post interviewed Alan late last night, as reported in  Alan Grayson Election Results: Former Congressman Reelected In Florida House Race

Grayson was first elected in 2008, but lost in the Tea Party spasm of 2010. Grim notes:

He noted Tuesday night to HuffPost that his turnaround is the biggest on record in the history of House. No other candidate had lost by 18 points in one year, only to turn around and win the next cycle by 25 -- a 43-point swing.

Grayson, a fiery progressive, won a national following with his outspoken defense of health care reform and relentless and unapologetic assault on his GOP opposition. He benefited this election from the national small-donor fundraising base he earned through that outspokenness, and also from statewide redistricting that put him in a more Democratic district. It's a district that will be much easier to hold on to than the one he previously represented.

A 43 point swing is a lot of points.  

What great news for Alan Grayson, and all of us. Also, we got rid of Allen West, so Florida has delivered lots of great news last night.

6:16 AM PT: Thanks to denig for reminding me of what I should have added to this post. I'll just replicate the comment below,

"Yes, (this is) a vindication for him and all other outspoken

progressive "firebrands," as well.  I wish I had mentioned in my post that his victory after he doubled down on all of his "liberal" views shows that his loss was not a repudiation of his views by rather a consequence of being ambushed by this radio talk show host in the 2010 Tea Party spasm.

But, given a fairer chance to look at the substance, his district's voters reelected in a 43 point swing - that[s vindication!

He'll give us a much better rendition than I can, but he probably is still sleeping in after being up all night counting every vote and celebrating.

And, it would be too mean to call this early to tell him "wake up sleepy head!"

Congratulations again, Alan. After working as hard has you did to get reelected you deserve to sleep in as late as you like.  But, then some of us sort of hope you will regale us, here,  with a victory lap.

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