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Before the conservative talk radio and TV grifters realized there was an entire internet to swindle, Redstate.com was one of only a handful of conservative websites.  As such, I used to stop by to check in on the state of the conservative hive mind.  

One voice consistently stood out above the rest in its sheer idiocy.  Within the first three sentences of any post, without looking at the author, I could identify an Erick Erickson rant without fail.  It wasn't just that his ideas were bad, his logic non-existent, and his writing at a 5th-grade level, it was that he seemed to be genuinely stupid.  

I watched with amusement as his influence among conservatives grew and grew, and even greater amusement when he convinced CNN to give him a job.  

Through it all, I just kept thinking, no one takes this guy seriously, right?  Well, it turned out some did.  And we all got to see what happens when conservatives get a little too high on their own supply.  

So Erick, thank you for all your hard work over the years.  We couldn't have done it without you.      

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