As Krugman sums up today in the NYT

Meanwhile, the president is in a far stronger position than in previous confrontations. I don’t place much stock in talk of “mandates,” but Mr. Obama did win re-election with a populist campaign, so he can plausibly claim that Republicans are defying the will of the American people. And he just won his big election and is, therefore, far better placed than before to weather any political blowback from economic troubles — especially when it would be so obvious that these troubles were being deliberately inflicted by the G.O.P. in a last-ditch attempt to defend the privileges of the 1 percent.

Most of all, standing up to hostage-taking is the right thing to do for the health of America’s political system.

So stand your ground, Mr. President, and don’t give in to threats. No deal is better than a bad deal.

Within seconds of their loss Republicans doubled down on the obstructionism of the last two years, the only way this blackmail will end is to turn around and say; No.

They just don't seem to get it, in an election they should have by all accounts won; they lost, and they lost badly.

They can argue that the President doesn't have much of a mandate, however with a little bit of introspection they can see themselves as being rejected. They have no mandate to continue with their temper tantrums, in fact they have been told to grow up.

Their budget proposals were put to the electorate, they were voted down by a clear majority. They have no right to demand as a compromise that the Democrats take it up as their own.

This battle has to be done right now; otherwise this disastrous obstructionism will go on unabated for the next two years, it is time to hold their feet to the fire until you smell burning.

Everyone should be reminded of the reasons why we are facing a "fiscal cliff" and a tepid economy.

1] The Bush Tax cuts ballooned the deficit.

2] Unrestrained Republican policies lead to the Great Recession.

3] Republicans want to double down on the mistakes of the past.

4] Grover Norquist and his idiotic pledge.

5] Unpaid for wars of aggression.

It is time to say: No!

Preferably add, "go to hell" but; "no" will do for now.

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