Just when I thought David Brooks reached the basement of  misinformation, he lowers it again. Mr. Brooks how low can you go. How is he able to get away with this?


A popular topic of the GOP The work ethic and Democrats don't have it

The American colonies were first settled by Protestant dissenters. These were people who refused to submit to the established religious authorities. They sought personal relationships with God. They moved to the frontier when life got too confining. They created an American creed, built, as the sociologist Seymour Martin Lipset put it, around liberty, individualism, equal opportunity, populism and laissez-faire

Laissez/faire   The laissez faire slogan was popularized by Vincent de Gournay, a French intendant of commerce in the 1750s. Gournay was an ardent proponent of the removal of restrictions on trade and the deregulation of industry in France. Can someone cite a legitimate source where any of the founding faters advocated this?

Mr Brooks: Please give me a break: Please cite a source where Jefferson or Paine or Franklyn used the term Laissez/faire  The newly formed nation enacted strict tariffs in the beginning of this country to encourage the development of industries.

he "tariff of abominations" of 1828 revived the issue. By this time in the United States, the North had become economically dominant due to manufacturing, and the South was beginning to suffer from exhausted land. The government enacted tariffs on foreign manufactures to protect Northern business, which raised the price of goods to be sold throughout the US

Jefferson advocated for public works schools, roads and bridges: hardly liasssez-farie
If I can research this material why can't Mr Brooks

Also in his article he totally ignores "The New Deal" and the G.I.Bill which created the"middle class" The Free Market and/or Laissez-faire economics  did not create the middle class But this mantra continues to dominate the discussion partly because "journalists"(?) like Mr Brooks go unchallenged  When will it end
I can go on about the"collective experience" of Latinos and/or Asians but that is another diary

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