A NYTimes article shows that a large share of the Hispanic vote was diverted into provisional ballots and remains uncounted: 1/2 million out of 3 million regitered votes in the state remain uncounted.

This will be short - nothing to add to the NYTimes article:

On Thursday, Secretary of State Ken Bennett revealed the magnitude of the situation: 631,274 votes remained uncounted, he said, more than in any presidential election in memory and enough to anger voting- and immigrant-rights advocates, who have called on the Justice Department to investigate. (By Friday, . . . 524,633 uncounted. There are 3.1 million registered voters in the state.)

. . . Based on accounts they have been collecting since before the polls closed, among the 115,000 voters who cast provisional ballots in Maricopa County on Tuesday were many first-time minority voters who signed up to get their ballots by mail, but never did.

. . . Three Congressional races remained too close to call on Friday, and there were also some misgivings about the outcome of several other races. One of them was the United States Senate race, where, as of Friday, Jeff Flake, a Republican congressman, was ahead of his Democratic challenger, Richard H. Carmona, by 78,775 votes, according to unofficial results posted by the secretary of state.

Mr. Carmona conceded on Tuesday; on Friday, in a message to supporters, he wrote, “We will take every necessary step to make sure all of our supporters’ ballots are counted.”

Activists say that they believe, based on what they have heard from people in the field, that provisional ballots tended to be used most often in Hispanic and black neighborhoods. . . .

 Advocates and elected officials are worried, though, that voters who had to cast conditional provisional ballots because they forgot to bring identification to the polls, as state law requires, may not know they have to present their ID at the county elections office by Wednesday for their vote to count.

It doesn't seem that there is any clear evidence whether these problems are due to voter suppression. Huffpost articles before the election suggested that Democrats had a problem nationwide with a lot of absentee ballot requests that hadn't been sent in.

It seems like the heavy lifting in trying to perfect these provisional ballots is falling on UniteHere and the ACLU voting rights project. I hope they are up to heavy lifting.

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