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I volunteered for a Connecticut State Representative who runs an awesome GOTV. My candidate was sure to win, with or without a GOTV. He won reelection with almost 80% of the vote. He didn't do this just for himself- he did it for the rest of the ticket. Out of love for Barack Obama, Chris Murphy, and all the Democrats on our ballot line, we worked hard.

I don't remember making the arrangements for the particular lady who just called me. We could have spoken about her ride on any given day- months, weeks, days, or hours before the polls closed. She was one of many, many calls I made, and her name does not ring a bell.

Many times we had all of our landlines and cell phones in use, so I often used my own cell phone. This is how the lovely voter had my number to call today. She just wanted to call and say thank you. She said we took excellent care of her, and she was so very grateful. She would not have been able to get out and vote if we hadn't helped her.

We celebrated, we laughed, and we said "Let's do it again in two years!"

This is how we win. We identify our voters, and we get them to the polls. Nobody beats our ground game.

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