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On This Day

In 1889, the pioneering female investigative journalist Nellie Bly began an attempt to travel around the world in fewer than 80 days. She succeed admirably, finishing in seventy-two days.


In 1910, pilot Eugene Ely performed the first take off from a ship, taking off from a makeshift deck on the USS Birmingham flying a Curtiss pusher.

In 1969, NASA launched Apollo 12, the second manned mission to the Moon.

In 1973, a royal wedding hogged the headlines again as Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips in Westminster Abbey.

In 1991, American and British authorities announced they were indicting two Libyan intelligence officers suspected in the downing of the Pan Am Flight 103.

Born on This Day

1719 – Leopold Mozart, Austrian composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father (d. 1787)

1740 – Johann van Beethoven, Ludwig van Beethoven's father and first teacher (d. 1792)

1840 – Claude Monet, French painter (d. 1926)

1878 – Julie Manet, French painter, daughter of Berthe Morisot and niece of Edouard Manet  (her father was his brother, Eugene). Though mentioned as an artist herself, images of her own work are hard to find, but images of her by the artists of her day are very common, like this one by Renoir. (d. 1966)

L'Enfant au chat - Mademoiselle Julie Manet- (1887) Huile sur toile 64,5 X 53,5cm -Renoir - Collection Rouart, Paris

1889 – Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India (d. 1964)

1895 – Louise Huff, American actress (d. 1973)


1896 – Mamie Eisenhower, First Lady of the United States (d. 1979)

1900 – Aaron Copland, American composer (d. 1990)

1904 – Dick Powell, American actor (d. 1963)

Dick Powell & Gloria Grahame in The Bad and the Beautiful

1906 – Louise Brooks, American dancer, actress, and movie historian (d. 1985)

Louise Brooks Candids

1908 – Joseph McCarthy, American witchfinder general politician (d. 1957)

1912 – Barbara Hutton, American socialite (d. 1979)

Robert Sweeney and Barbara Hutton

1919 – Veronica Lake, American actress (d. 1973)

Fredric March and Veronica Lake - I Married a Witch 1942

1936 – Freddie Garrity, English singer (Freddie and the Dreamers) (d. 2006) (Do the Freddie!)

1936 – Cornell Gunter, American singer (The Coasters) (d. 1990)

1947 – P. J. O'Rourke, American writer

1947 – Buckwheat Zydeco, American zydeco musician

1948 – Charles, Prince of Wales

1954 – Condoleezza Rice, American educator, diplomat and 66th United States Secretary of State

1954 – Anson Funderburgh, blues guitar player and band leader

1959 – Paul McGann, British actor

1970 – Brendan Benson, American musician (The Raconteurs)

Died on This Day

1687 – Nell Gwynne, English mistress of Charles II of England (b. 1650)

1691 – Tosa Mitsuoki, Japanese painter (b. 1617)

Tosa Mitsuoki - Autumn Maples with Poem Slips (Detailed), 1675 at the Art Institute of Chicago IL

1734 – Louise de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth, French-born mistress of Charles II of England (b. 1649)

1915 – Booker T. Washington, American educator and activist (b. 1856)

1974 – Johnny Mack Brown, American actor (b. 1904)


1995 – Jack Finney, American author (b. 1911)

2002 – Eddie Bracken, American film actor (b. 1915)

2003 – Gene Anthony Ray, American actor (b. 1962)

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