This seems to be the wingnut signature.

If your hate filled policies are rejected by the electorate in general it is because you didn't hate enough.

Furthermore, the groups running the campaign opposing gay marriage had an arsenal of weapons about homosexuality, homosexual behavior, and the destructive nature of homosexual relationships that they didn't use because it would not be "politically correct" and would likely anger the liberal media -- and because it wouldn't be seen as "nice." And when they finally were willing to use the very effective issue of schools forcing homosexuality on kids, it was too late.
Yes you got it, homophobes are no longer going to play nice.

Bring out the real hate and we are sure to win!

You know why homosexuals win, apart from all the money and power that they have?

Voters are now so dumbed down and are constantly fed a twisted view of church and religion by the media and academia. They don't examine issues but follow emotional and often illogical propaganda. So the verdict often comes out: "Everybody should be happy. Leave it up to God. My nephew's gay, so it should be legal.
We must educate them to hate properly.

Goddamned dumb majority!

Heh, the other 47% perhaps?

So on we go!

If our side can get its ideological act together, toss out our milquetoast rhetoric, get some political courage, and be aggressive rather than reactive, we would be pretty unstoppable. But right now, that's a big "if."
As we all know homophobes have been such peaceful and understanding types.

To win the majority they must....

Bring on the hate!

Is this doubling down shit part of what makes right-wingers tick?

Do they really believe this type of drivel?

All four of these races were lost for basically the same reasons: Our side was enormously outspent and out-organized, along with a phalanx of other forces enumerated above.
I would tell them that the other forces that they whine about is that they turn off so many people it makes our side of the argument easier.

I would, but why bother the more they ramp up the rhetoric the more marginalized they will become.

I would....but...why would I?

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