I sent this note to the White House, with copies to my members of Congress.  Comment as you like.  I'm going to send something to the Israeli embassy as well.

The Gaza situation is far too complicated for facile polemics about Israeli self-defense vs. occupation/"apartheid".  All I know is babies shouldn't be killed.  One of my friends said, "Did you hear about the rockets being fired at Israel?"  My response is: "Were any of them fired by the 11-month old child of a BBC journalist?"  

I don't know why I'm posting it as a diary here, except that I feel like I need to have my voice heard in as many venues as possible, and this is a venue.

Thank you.

"Mr. President,

The United States needs to take an active and immediate role to end the crisis in Gaza. Both sides have to be held to account for civilian deaths, and the violence needs to stop before it escalates further.

I am Jewish, and a Zionist. However, I cannot stand by and say nothing when I see Israeli shells killing babies in their cribs. Firing missiles into civilian areas is not self-defense.

I need your administration to call Prime Minister Netanyahu and demand he stop shelling Gaza. I know Israel and Hamas will never sit down and negotiate, but a speedy return to a cold peace between them would be a vast improvement.

I can't look at pictures of dead babies anymore, Mr. President. America has a role to play here. Let's lead."

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