Call Seattle what you will:

New Amsterdam? Northern San Francisco? Overgrown Berkeley? Grunge Capital? Urbanized Version of Woodstock?

Whatever you want to call Seattle. I love the city for what it is: liberal, progressive, high tech, cutting edge, ultra modern, hip, open minded. It is a latte sipping, birkenstock wearing, over-educated, techy oriented, NPR listening culture that lends itself to marijuarna legalization

When the gay marriage initiative passed with 53% of the vote in Washington state, it was done with the help of Seattle-King County, voting 66% in favor (and likely in the 80% range in the 7th Congressional District (encompassing mostly the City of Seattle). When President Obama carried Washington state in 2012, it was with the help of 70% of the vote in Seattle-King County (likely 85% in the 7th Congressional District). And of course, when the marijuana legalization initiative passed, it was with the help of an overwhelming vote in Seattle-King County (again...likely 90% in the 7th Congressional District).

So something tells me this kind of publication by a city police department on happens in Seattle.


As Rachel Maddow stated this evening...this is the "Next Best Thing in the World."

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Also republished by DKos Cannabis Law and Drug War Reform.

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