A NSFW family Thanksgiving scene from Home for the Holidays.
We're supposed to, well, give thanks on Thanksgiving, and maybe we do. But that doesn't mean the holiday doesn't come with its own set of frustrations.

After all, many of us go and spend this day for giving thanks with people who we wouldn't necessarily choose to spend time with, and certainly not under the stressful circumstances of "this is a holiday and you will enjoy it, dammit" and "let's get five times as many people as usual into this house and then cook a meal much bigger than any of us cook on a regular basis." They might be your family who you love, but for real? When you're dodging each other fighting for the last burner and nearly getting stabbed when someone turns from the counter to the sink too quickly? Tempers will flare a little.

Then you have your election year Thanksgiving. If you're reading Daily Kos, chances are you're feeling pretty good about that, but maybe there's someone across the table who wants to tell you their angry conspiracy theories—or someone you love who's heartbroken by exactly the results that make you so happy.

Or was your Thanksgiving cut short or cancelled by someone you wanted to celebrate with having to work early on Black Friday, or even on Thanksgiving itself? (Assuming that if you yourself are working those hours, you're not reading this post.)

So what are your frustrations tonight?  What, despite your immense gratitude for all the good things in your life, just drove you up a wall today?  Was it your conservative relatives?  The lumpy gravy?  The football on the television while you were trying to have quality family time?

None of these things have to mean that you aren't thankful for all the good things in your life, but having things to be thankful for doesn't obliterate the pressure-cooker irritations of the holidays. Surely there's something—let it fly.

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