I have gone way past caring whose fault this is; it has become almost impossible to tell.

Innocents will die, and in the end it will not matter on which side of the divide they were standing.

For ninety years the blood has flowed with no sign of surcease.

Counter charges of terrorism and oppression have muddied the waters for decades, the right to defend has become confused. Every act appears cyclical and each cycle worse than before

The positions of both sides have become so entrenched and filled with so little hope as to cause despair. It has become more than who is right and who is wrong, although many will tell you otherwise; it is utter tragedy.

Yet still peace is close, it is only  a heartbeat away; if only the voices of hate and fear would abate. The only solution is not to make the streets flow with blood but to learn to forgive by listening to the voices of the living, as the dead can no longer be heard.

Rather than blindly supporting one side or the other or that claiming one side has the inalienable right above the other; in this choosing of sides we fuel the divisions. In trying to justify our choices with ideological propaganda we do more damage than good, it is all too easy to pick a side, but it is  foolish in the extreme.

Until this problem is resolved then the wider misunderstandings from the Atlantic Ocean to the Hindu Kush will continue, and so will the violence, it is the gasoline on the fire.

Rather than fighting the misnamed "war on terror" in lands we should not be occupying our efforts should be focused on its heart. How do we keep each side from murdering the other. The only way forward is to become truly neutral, this is the crux as both sides have their warmongers, but these are a long way from being the majority, as always; but their voices need to be diminished.

This is a global conflict in a tiny area, it is long past time that it was resolved. The only way forward is to diffuse the tension rather than exacerbating it. This means listening to the voices of the silenced, and dampening the voices extremism.

The two state solution seems unworkable, or at the very least sabotaged, perhaps the only long term solution is a one State solution where both sides see a benefit in looking towards the future; rather than the carnage of the past.

I don't know what the solution is, but it seems to me that the current situation and the divisions that it causes globally can only lead one way; to more death and destruction.

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