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In plain language and for everyone to see:

Now, is he intentionally or unintentionally dabbling in one of the most infamous antisemitic claims and dog whistles?  I cannot say for certain.  However, it certainly does conjure the images of that old antisemitic claim that we do control the press.  At least one person has replied to ask if Murdoch is referring to The New York Times.  That said, it does not mitigate the fact that he's sounded this dog whistle.

At the very least, Murdoch should explain himself, apologize for the tweet and pull it.  That said, I doubt it will happen.  In the meantime, he deserves to be called out for it.

Note:  Even though Murdoch's tweet refers to coverage of Israel, this is not a diary about Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict or the ongoing violence in the region.  Do not take comments there.

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