Press Release from the Office of John McCain

The Republican party reject reality's hold on political discourse. This is undemocratic at its very core, and undermines bipartisan discourse. How can we have intelligent debates about the issues when reality just keeps getting in the way? We demand that reality stops interfering and let us get on with politicizing without having to take facts and data into consideration.
John Boehner supports such a measure.
Reality makes me cry
The defacto head of the GOP Rush Limbaugh.
Reality is a slut, and always want to be the center of attention, so needy, reality expects us to support it for free. Why should we have to continually support reality? This is a free country, and only unAmericans would insist that reality must always be considered, its socialism.
The Conservative Cleric Erick Erickson
God does not talk about reality, so why should we? OK show me in the bible where reality is mentioned. Ha, I thought so, godless liberals.
Reality free Pundit Bill Kristol jumped in.
We must invade, blood, blood, blood. There were WMD and I don't care if nobody could find them, they were there. Reality, reality is what you make it, goddammit Iran!
Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer.
Reality is a Democratic Party myth, they may well say look, it's real, but they are not looking at it from the conservative point of view. Just think of the impact on small businesses if reality has to be applied, it is too onerous a responsibility.
Republican Guru George Will weighs in
Reality does not allow for the flexibility that conservatism requires, reality appears to answer to no one. This is unacceptable in a right of center country.
Michelle Bachmann joins the fray.
Reality has never bothered me!
Sarah Palin
My reality is, I'm still relevant
Mitt Romney speaks from under the rock
Me too, Sarah
Fox News issues a corporate statement of principles.
Reality? Depends what you mean by reality.
Grover Norquist chirps up.
Reality? Just another word for big government, we should resist any attempts to increase reality based discourse. I have a pledge somewhere
Newt Gingrich to no one in particular
I flushed it, I goddamned flushed it
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