but it sure won't be for a good deal on a friggin flat screen tv!!!!  No, I will be with my brothers and sisters at 7A.M. at the Walmart on 8820 Grossmont Blvd in La Mesa ( just north of San Diego). I don't work at Walmart and I sure as hell never shop there. NO, I will be there becasue I want to show support for these brave souls who are taking on this souless giant corporate beast!!  I am being shamed into action....

I mean I do what I can writing a few diaries on Kos, but a recent  diary on Occupy Wall St. by a  Kossack complete with photos of that great movement got me to thinking...The theme of the diary was Occupy really changed the dialogue during the election and was intrumental in helping Obama in his reelection...in which I totally agree!  but that diary also did something else...it made me feel guilty that i really hadn't done anything myself, I mean I didn't even go to the Occupy march in downtown San Diego which really is only 20 blocks from where I live...And then hearing about the inspiring stories of the hostess workers  and now the walmart workers in their heroic ( and really that is the only term to use)  efforts ...I don't want this moment in history to pass me by without at least being a part of it , even in a small way..

I know we all have our excuses...I am raising a family , work etc.....but honestly there is no excuse...So I will be getting up early, friday morning and get to Walmart a little before 7 A.M.  Maybe I can talk somebody into not shopping there, I mean if you absolutley have to shop Black Friday, there are plenty of other stores with so-called great bargains that don't exploit their employees to the extent that Walmart does.

By the way I think Black Friday is pretty aptly named.  I've always been repulsed by the scene of shoppers trampling on each other just to get a great deal.  If that isn't a poster of the worst that the capitalistic economy has to offer, I don't know what is...I will try and post some pics from the event...  I know I am going to feel great after the event, almost like I got a great, awesome deal on a 50 inch....

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