Ok. Just set aside her long trail of asinine columns which all but guaranteed a Romney victory. The intellectual wreckage there is bad enough. Matter of fact, lets even set asider her inabilty to get facts straight, lack of mental rigor, or the embarassment she causes what should be a prestigious newspaper.

Set all that aside and read this:

More to the point, without Obama, and more important, without Romney, what do and will Democrats believe in? Big government and debt? We really don’t know since Obama has run two races about nothing, and aside from climate control (anti-coal and gas production) and tax hikes on the rich, we don’t know much about his economic agenda or whether there is something approaching an economic revival agenda.

The challenge for the Democratic Party, as opposed to that of the president, is to figure out if it can win presidential elections without bogeymen and attract the broader coalition that Obama cobbled together in 2008 when he had the luxury of running as a blank slate.

Just think about what Rubin is really saying here. She is saying that the only reason Democrats won this election is because of fear of Mitt romney, and that President Obama has no policies, and that these two things are the only things keeping Obama's broad coalition together. Without him, it all collapses.

I think it is time to officially declare  that Jennifer Rubin is a racist and moron. She's an embarassment to the Washington Post.

In her warped, sick, mind, it isn't even possible that Barack Obama attracted people to his message. That his policies, the very policies that Republicans have been railing against and calling socialism, and which Rubin says don't actually exist, are things that people support. Or that taken collectively, Obama's policies are the things that Democrats believe in. Like national healthcare. Like thriving manufacturing. And yes, taxing the rich to pay for government programs. In Rubin's worldview, Obama's majority are a bunch of rubes and idiots. We just like him because he's black, right Jen?

Now I think we have an idea why Rubin has been such a staunch advocate of the Mitt Romney vision of the Republican Party. She too looks down on the America of the future. That the Washington Post, astonishingly, continues to publish her bigoted, condescending, and worst of all completely inaccurate drivel is reason enough to send her packing right along with Mitt Romney.

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