SEIU workers rally against LAX contractor Aviation Safeguards.
SEIU airport workers in Los Angeles have picked a high-visibility time to march on LAX: the day before Thanksgiving. The action isn't a strike or walkout, so service in the airport should be uninterrupted, but if you're driving into LAX Wednesday afternoon, chances are you'll be well aware there's a labor dispute going on. SEIU is targeting Aviation Safeguards, a contractor employing skycaps, wheelchair assistants, and security staff at the airport, contending that the company walked away from a contract and acted improperly in having its union decertified, hasn't complied with the Los Angeles living wage ordinance, and has stopped paying into a health care trust fund at LAX, stripping its workers of health care.

Aviation Safeguards claims that its workers decertified their union and are no longer part of SEIU; the union, though, says that the decertification was not carried out properly. As for the living wage ordinance:

Joe Conlon, a regional vice president for Aviation Safeguards, said the firm has a different interpretation of the Los Angeles living wage ordinance and has been meeting with city officials to resolve the issue.
SEIU President Mary Kay Henry will attend the Wednesday afternoon rally, which the union expects to draw 1,000 people.

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