If you have relatives (and coworkers) like mine -- just some fair warning:

You may be in for accusations of "Democratic Voter Fraud" before the giving of thanks has ended.

I was bombarded by an unending series of such accusations yesterday, from our resident Fox-watcher at work.  Starting off with:

Most of the Media is corrupt -- because they don't report on Voter Fraud.

How come you don't hear about all those precincts that Obama won -- where more than 100% people voted, than were registered to vote?

How come you don't hear about those districts where Romney didn't get a single vote?

It's Voter Fraud plain and simple. No wonder the Democrats don't want Photo Id.  And most of the Media won't report it.

Because the Media's "in the tank for Obama" -- everyone except Fox News that is ...

(Be careful.  Don't get them started on "Fast and Furious" ... or the "Benghazi Travesty" ... Oy!  
Because, how the Media reports these stories, are the signs of a "honest" news organization, or not ...)

Ugh.  Where does one begin to combat such sour-grapes?

"A little more Vinaigrette with your salad, compadre?"

Well after calmly explaining the mechanics and the math effects of routine and sometimes overzealous Voter Purges -- and how that will lead to voters showing up to Vote, who are "no longer registered to vote."

The response:

That's just the legions of ACORN members showing up -- who will vote as many times as it takes -- to help their guy win.

Well after calmly explaining that "most rational people" aren't willing to risk serious prison time and huge fines to cast two Votes instead of one.

The response:

It happens.  Just because the corrupt Media doesn't cover it, and the Obama DOJ doesn't prosecute it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Well after calmly explaining that the Bush Administration and their DOJ put a ton of effort into prosecuting just that. And they found only a few dozen cases of suspected "Voter Fraud" -- and most of those were just "address mix ups."  You just can't 'herd that many cats' and get them all to break the law to cast an extra vote.  It just doesn't happen.

The response:

Well this is WHY the Democrats -- are fighting Photo ID laws.  So they can keep on 'Voting for as many Dead People' as they need to win.  And so nobody will be the wiser.
... let me guess ... "it's because of the "Corrupt Media", right?"

Ugh.   I'll grant you the Media is frequently "incompetent" ... and they suffer from tunnel vision and selective editing.  

And important stories like "Why we go to War" rarely get seriously discussed -- until there is a "sex scandal" involved ...

BUT ... I bet you never heard about what Scott Ritter had to say about those WMD in Iraq, on Fox News, did you?

And then it was "off to the races"  ... the crux-of-the-matter races ...

Happy Turkey-day, folks!  ... and good luck with those inevitable "sour grapes" that may be hurled your way, by those annual rehash discussions.   I barely was.

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