The clown prince of fail strikes again... Trump has been trying to put a stop to a wind energy project in Scotland in view of an oh-so-precious golf course.  He wrote a letter to the Scottish First Minister claiming it would "destroy the country".  The Scots were not impressed:

Despite claiming to be a world expert in tourism, Mr Trump's opinion was dismissed as "anecdotal" in the conclusions of an inquiry into the Scottish Government's renewable energy targets.
 In a high profile hearing at the Scottish Parliament in April, Mr Trump told MSPs he is "the evidence" that the development of onshore and offshore wind power will drive tourists away. He said: "I am an expert on tourism. If you dot your landscape with these horrible, horrible structures, you will do tremendous damage."  Asked for facts, he continued: "I am the evidence. I am an expert in tourism, I am considered a world-class expert in tourism, so when you say 'where is the evidence?', I am the evidence."

A report on the inquiry, published today by the cross-party Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, stated: "While some strongly held localised and anecdotal opinion exists, the committee has seen no empirical evidence which demonstrates that the tourism industry in Scotland will be adversely affected by the wider deployment of renewable energy projects, particularly onshore and offshore wind."...Dr Sam Gardner, senior policy officer at environmental organisation WWF Scotland, said: "The report contains nothing from Donald Trump's long session of bluster in front of the Committee. He really needs to get the message that he is massively out of line with public opinion in Scotland."
Trump is "evidence" all right. Just not of the kind he seems to think.

Trump should:

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