Laura Ingraham went on Fox & Friends and proceeded to insult the President, the Democrats and, in fact, the entire electorate.

Media Matters has the video (sorry, I couldn't get it to embed).

Steve Doocy: Hey, what do you make of this. The White House is saying unless the Republicans roll over and do everything that the White House wants with its fiscal cliff at the conclusion of the year, you, me, all Republicans will ruin Christmas economically for the country.

Laura Ingraham: Yeah. It's the GOP who stole Christmas. Who's going to be narrating this Christmas Special? That's the question. Who will play the dog with the little fake antlers on his head?

It seems that we've seen this Special before, right? I mean the sky is always falling when President Obama wants to cram down legislation or a new initiatives without real debate and without true compromise and working together. Remember during the Health Care debate, we were all talking about how "well, if you don't agree to this premiums are going to go up and the doctors are going to leave the profession and health care will continue to skyrocket". Well, they jammed through health care, premiums are going up, doctors are leaving the profession, and people are still incredibly uneasy and anxiety-ridden about this. They said the same thing about stimulus. If we didn't pass stimulus. It said the same thing about Tarp 1. Here's my question for all these wobbly Republicans and Democrats who say the sky is falling. Where have they been for the last two years? I mean the American people have been waiting for the last two years to have common sense action. I'm so tired of Obama putting a gun to the head of the American people and the Republicans saying "oh, what am I going to do?" They're all wilting and running around going "whoa".

Here are a few questions for you, Laura Ingraham. Exactly when has the GOP over the past four years compromised with the President on anything? As a matter of fact, it was Mitch McConnell  who made it perfectly clear that the Republicans intended to thwart the administration at every opportunity. All to make him a one-term President at the expense of doing our nation's business.

And let's talk about debate. Your stinking party has used the filibuster at unprecedented levels, often times just to prevent debate from even taking place. It has gotten so out of hand that many people feel that it is the first thing that should be fixed under the 113 Congress.

And about all of those anxiety-ridden Americans over Obamacare, Laura. Seems to me that those worrywarts all come from your own damned party. The party that just got its ass handed to it by Americans who actually think Obamacare will be a good thing for this country. Republicans have ranted for years now and ran a campaign of fear against this signature accomplishment. That egg dripping down your face was thrown by Americans sick of your wobbly, wilting rhetoric.

And finally, dear Laura, saying that the President of the United States is putting a gun to the head of the American people is ugly even for you. Obviously, you are so overwrought by the outcome of this last election that your only recourse is to use violent rhetoric.

That, or call President Obama a poopy head.

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