All of which is is to say that no one should be terribly surprised that intrepid pile of moist journalism Erick Erickson is “prayerfully considering” a primary challenge against Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Old Man Smell) in 2014. We think that’s a really swell idea, if only because of the mileage we can get out of reminding people that the Son Of Erick likes to do things like attempt credit card fraud to “test the integrity” of campaign finance, or to call a retiring Supreme Court Justice a “goat-fucking child molester.” (But it’s OK, because he apologized, and he loves America really a lot.)

Erickson seems to have a compelling reason to want to replace Chambliss, which is that Chambliss “has spent twenty years in Washington and in that time has been complicit in growing Washington” and “It’s time for him to come home.” See? Stark ideological contrasts!

Who do we have in Georgia? A Democratic Senator from Georgia could offset a loss elsewhere, and The Son of an Erick can be beaten. Georgia is not as conservative as, say, Kansas. It may well be the next North Carolina, and this would be a good start.


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