Just wanted to post this for those who have not seen it. Something easy for the mind and eyes with the morning coffee:)

I have to say, the decorations are just yummy.  But not as beautiful as the First Dog, Bo:

Is that cute or what?

Now, I have Christmas decorations up but, believe me, it wasn't easy.

I have learned over the years to plug in the lights and test them before they go up. Check.

So, up they go.  I then discover that I put them up backwards (there is no outlet at the end where I need to plug in.).  Sigh.

So I take down about 100 feet of lights. I put them up again. One of the strings now won't work. Sigh. I take the string down.

I get another string, and this one works just fine. By the time I put it up, a six foot section no longer works. Sigh.  I leave it up.

I ran out of replacement bulbs, but since I can't seem to find the problem with the few I have, am going to replace them all in that six foot section and hope for the best.

The battery driven outdoor Christmas wreath works like a charm. Yeah. Sunday I get the live tree for outside and it gets decorated. After 25 years of service, our other tree died in late summer, sadly. It was a little lopsided and irregular, but hey, so are we so it fit right in.

How are your decorations going?

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