When you look at WorldNutDaily, there are a lot of times where someone there puts out a piece that makes you think, "Oh no, they did not just go there."  Well, longtime WND columnist Vox Day--better known as former video game designer and musician Theodore Beale--may have written something that takes the cake even by WND's admittedly low standards.  In his latest column, Day openly calls for the formation of a secessionist movement, with a view toward forming a separate country for conservative whites. (h/t to People For the American Way)

Day likens the prospect of white conservatives seceding from the United States to the prospect of Scotland seceding from the UK in 2014.

Is the secession of several American states truly unthinkable? Is the breakup of the United States of America really outside the boundaries of historically reasonable possibility?

Some would point to the amount of time that has passed since the Civil War, when the question was last considered. It has been 147 years since Americans attempted to exert their right to self-determination and leave the United States. However, it has been 305 years since the Scottish Parliament passed the Union with England Act in 1707, and even if Scotland does not vote to break up the Union in the referendum tentatively scheduled for 2014, the fact that the Scottish people are seriously considering an exit from a Union that is twice as old as the forcible one imposed by Abraham Lincoln should suffice to prove that the age of the U.S. does not render a potential breakup theoretically or practically impossible.

So Day is now on record as embracing neo-Confederatism.  And then he doubles down on it by blowing a racist dog whistle into a megaphone.
The fact that the future citizens of Aztlán are presently content to continue collecting tribute in the form of state and federal largesse does not mean that they will refrain from exerting the political muscle that their growing demographic weight provides them once the contracting economy brings the gravy train to an end.

It also seems unlikely that the millions of Americans who have moved away from declining school systems, who have retreated from an increasingly vibrant communities, and who have fled from high-tax jurisdictions will continue to retreat as the people who destroyed their schools, their communities and their state budgets attempt to follow them.

They will not because they cannot. The frontiers are closed. There is nowhere else to go.

Under the circumstances, Day thinks it's a foregone conclusion a secessionist movement will take root.

We already knew WND was giving succor to birthers.  But now it looks like it's giving succor to secessionists and racists.  Perhaps Rick Santorum may want to rethink his plans to become a WND commentator.

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