Those of you in the Kansas City/Topeka area, be on alert--there's going to be a major invasion of fundie lunacy in Topeka on Saturday.  And it has the endorsement of none other than Kansas' governor, Sam Brownback.

An outfit called Reign Down USA is planning a prayer rally at MacLennan Park in Topeka.  It's currently scheduled to start at 3 pm Central (4 pm Eastern).  It looks innocuous enough--its vision is to fulfill a "call to humility, prayer, worship, seeking Him with all of our heart, and repentance of our own personal sins."

But then gets a look at who's partnering with Reign Down.  The likes of Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle and Paul and Jan Crouch.  Pretty much a who's who of fundie and New Apostolic Reformation leaders.  That doesn't seem to have deterred Brownback from giving this a full-throated endorsement.  He has formally proclaimed Saturday to be a "Day of Restoration" and publicly called on Kansans to support the rally.  He also recently put together this video invitation.

This will actually be Reign Down's fourth event--but the first one in a red state.  The previous ones took place in 2008 in Washington, 2009 in Minneapolis and 2010 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Brownback has a history with these guys. According to People for the American Way, Brownback was one of the few Republican elected officials to support Rick Perry's "Response" prayer rally--which was similarly infused with religious right and NAR influence.  He even actually lived with Engle for a few months in 2001--long before Engle came into the spotlight.

The proceedings are going to be streamed live at the Reign Down Website.  Chances are pretty good Brownback will speak--and that he's going to say something he normally wouldn't say in front of the cameras.  Stay tuned.

Originally posted to Christian Dem in NC on Tue Dec 04, 2012 at 10:28 AM PST.

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