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If your holiday gift list includes the kind of asshole who enjoys mocking poor people, but in a way that's, like, ironic and stuff, Crate & Barrel's young-adults chain CB2 has got just the thing—a "Lucky Beggar" wallet:
Street Fare. Inspired by the iconic blue and white coffee cup often seen in the hands of New York City panhandlers, this quirky wallet begs to be seen.
As Jezebel's Jenna Sauers writes:
Begs to be seen. What a punning evocation of the aestheticization of poverty! Just don't, like, actually use this wallet to panhandle; looking like a poor person is one thing, but being poor is still gross.
The thing is, if this wasn't marketed as a joke on homeless people, it would just be a wallet of a coffee cup. But that apparently just wasn't cutesy and cutting edge enough, so some genius decided to ensure that the only person to carry the wallet would be, again, an asshole. If you have someone on your list who would enjoy this wallet as described by CB2, why not just go all the way and give them a Rush Limbaugh t-shirt?

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