• Today's comic by Jen Sorensen is Pop culture periscope: New food shows:
    Cartoon by Jen Sorensen - Pop culture periscope
  • Save the Date: Gov. Howard Dean will be joining us for a G+ Hangout on the front page of Daily Kos at 1:15 ET, Friday. He and Joan McCarter will be talking fiscal cliff curb and protecting Medicare.
  • ADP reports 118,000 private sector jobs created in November: Automated Data Processing, which revamped its methods and presentation last month to bring it into better synchronicity with the government's monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics employment report, announced Wednesday that 118,000 private-sector jobs were created last month. ADP estimates that Hurricane Sandy cut payrolls some 86,000 jobs. The job creation figure was lower than expected. The BLS report will be released Friday.
  • Eleven sounds you have to be oooooold to recognize:
    8. TV station sign-off

    Before infomercials were invented, television stations actually went off the air for a few hours each night. Some of us TV-holics experienced physical withdrawal symptoms when we heard the announcer intone, "We now conclude our broadcast day..." around 2a.m. or so. The format varied little from station to station across the country; first a few technical details were announced (broadcast frequency, physical address of the station, etc.), then a reading of "High Flight" followed by the National Anthem, and then the steady beeeeeeeeeeeeeep tone of the test pattern.

  • Poll: American majority supports legalizing marijuana: A  Quinnipiac poll has found the majority of Americans favor legalizing weed for recreational use, but they are divided by age and gender. Overall, legalization is favored 51 percent to 44 percent. But among men, 59 percent to 36 percent are in favor, while women oppose it by 52 percent to 44 percent. More than two-thirds of those under 29 favor legalization while a majority over 65 oppose it. You can see what's going to happen.
  • R.I.P. Jack Brooks: Longtime Texas Congressman who was LBJ supporter and rode in presidential motorcade the day JFK was assassinated has died at 89. He served 42 years in Congress from southeast Texas until he was one of the casualties of the Republican surge in 1994:
    He supported civil rights bills, refused to sign the segregationist "Southern manifesto" in 1956, helped write the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 that banned racial segregation.[...]

    Brooks also had alienated gun owners for supporting a ban on assault weapons and abortion opponents for his support of abortion rights.

  • Hillary Clinton gets thumbs-up for 2016:
    Fifty-seven percent in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll say they’d back a run by Clinton to succeed Barack Obama, vs. 37 percent opposed. That includes a broad gender gap—66 percent support for Clinton among women, dropping to 49 percent among men.
  • Mother Jones designates the worst state legislatures. Top of the list was Tennessee:
    MoJo's cutting-edge algorithm awards a 500-point bonus to any state legislature that inspires a news story with the phrase "gateway body parts" and "governor signs" in the same paragraph. Republican Gov. Bill Haslam accomplished the feat in May when he signed into law a new abstinence-only sex education program that critics warned would prohibit almost any discussion of sexual activity during sex ed.
    The others: Oklahoma, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Missouri.
  • Find out how Exxon hates your children.
  • A brief statistical look at stereotypical representation of women on television.
  • US Disappoints at Doha Climate Talks:
    When US President Barack Obama's climate envoy Todd Stern stood before reporters in Doha for the first time, he did what he has been doing for years: He lowered expectations.
    He said he doesn't believe there is a "different tone" in Washington when it comes to efforts to combat climate change. The US, he then claimed, "has done quite significant things" on the climate front "in the president's first four years." As examples, Stern cited improvements in building insulation as well as federal support for promoting renewable energies.

    But the message was clear: The US is unwilling to make significant concessions in the final days of this year's global climate conference.

  • Why Don't Parents Name Their Daughters Mary Anymore?
    So what does the Mary trend mean? First, it's the growing cultural value of individuality, which leads to increasing diversity. People value names that are uncommon. When Mary last held the number-one spot, in 1961, there were 47,655 girls given that name. Now, out of about the same number of total births, the number-one name (Sophia) was given only 21,695 times. Conformity to tradition has been replaced by conformity to individuality. Being number one for so long ruined Mary for this era.
  • Jazz legend Dave Brubeck has died just one day short of his 92nd birthday.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show: continuing attacks on Susan Rice; too soon to ponder 2016?; new PPP poll on Gop nuttery, and of course; more on filibuster reform. In particular, does the 2005 nuclear option fight compare to today's filibuster reform? And why do editorial writers, misty-eyed for the days of the "Gang of 14" agreement, forget it enshrined the right to change the rules by majority vote? Finally, the NYT investigation into the value and efficacy of government incentives to business.

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