The inclusion of the original "errinf" GBCW diary in a comment today gave me a grin, because I noted that it had the "Best of Daily Kos" tag.

I think that I snuck four diaries into the tag "Best of Daily Kos" -- the last of them published in February 2007 -- before I was stopped by mysterious forces.  I know that I wanted to smuggle in a fifth one -- I can evoke it for those who remember it with just the words "Obama" "turbine" and "head" -- and I just tried tagging it again, but no dice.  So, along with that link, here are the other four diaries that did make it into my version of the Pantheon.  Enjoy.

errinf's original recipe ... (for the comments)

My experience ... (for the comments)


10 minutes in the life ...

I think that we should have a committee of some sort that notes diaries that should be included for future consideration in this category, but that no diary should be added to the Pantheon for three years until after it is published, so that we know that it has staying power.  Some of the humor in the above quintet won't translate fully, but I'm guessing that enough will get through to make it worthwhile.

Happy reading.  I'll put the wit of our authors up against any those of any other website.

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