U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at an election campaign fundraiser in Stamford, Connecticut, August 6, 2012.  REUTERS/Jason Reed
President Barack Obama is speaking at a Michigan Daimler facility Monday afternoon, and the appearance looks likely to make news for more than just Obama's primary focus on making the right tax deal. The speech comes as Michigan Republicans are pushing to pass an anti-union bill in the lame duck session. Obama has said through a spokesman that he opposes the bill, but reaffirming that opposition in person in a speech in Michigan, as Amanda Terkel reports he's expected to do, would raise the stakes considerably.

Additionally, Obama's visit will be the occasion for some good news for the Michigan economy:

Daimler, which owns Detroit Diesel Corp., will announce a new investment to expand U.S. production and jobs as President Barack Obama visits the company’s Redford facility today.

The White House said the investment is expected to be $100 million or more and, with it, Daimler Trucks North America will become the first heavy-duty vehicle equipment manufacturer on the continent to build a fully integrated powertrain from on production facility.

Daimler says bringing all the production to the same facility will help improve fuel efficiency, which is more good news.

Details on that investment, as well as an answer to if and how Obama will address the anti-union "right to work" law, are expected Monday afternoon.

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