This is my first diary, so rip it up! My parents raised me in a very conservative household.  I'm still fairly conservative in my personal life (April, Em, Liam and I go to Bible study, etc), but my wife and I have certainly changes from say, the beginning of the George W Bush era.

Keep in mind, we both grew up with Rush Limbaugh (although we both listened to NPR as well), we were stunned when the wonderful (hey, maybe not so much now, but at the time) HW Bush lost to that punk Clinton (we've eventually gotten over it EXCEPT OH WAIT HE HAD SEX THAT MANWHORE), and I was heartbroken when Bob Dole lost to Clinton (FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS CRAP ARE YOU KIDDING ME????).

More below the flipflap.

When Bush came to power, and even when he was re-elected, I was a dumb, young kid (well, young man really), and he seemed like a great guy who would do awesome things for the country.  I was raised on Rush Limbaugh (to some extent) along with NPR to counterbalance it, so while I was not rabidly conservative, I was pretty non-liberal.

However, after 8 years of Bush (and in our opinion, the evil manipulation by Dick Cheney who basically is seen as the Emperor in our house), we both had some thoughts that we might support barack the islamic shock superallah hussein obama.  My wife was torn; she supported a female VP candidate, even if she was a bit of a knucklehead (I think she's an idiot, but April feels like she could have been groomed as well as, say, Mitters).

The final straw was when that brat McCain, who had most stuff handed to him in life (or at least semi-handed to him), wanted to stop the wonderful new GI Bill.  I was coming up on separation from the USAF, and I was counting on it to get me through school with a baby and a wife (who was taking care of the baby).

Anyway, since then, I've become a social liberal.  While we're pretty religious, we try to follow God (and Jesus') teachings; forgiveness, not judging others, setting a Godly example, but not condemning others, and loving our fellow man, which is basically what most liberal policies reflect.

I dunno how interesting this was to read, but I wanted to write an intro.

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