She was in diabetic shock, easily stabilized by EMT's for transport for further care. Except she was Transgender.

The EMT's got there and refused to treat her upon discovering she was Transgender. Her masculinized body sporting breasts was too much for them. So she died because two EMT's decided she did not deserve life.

You could dismiss this as social neglect based on the assumption no one cared about a "freaky tranny" except it was her mother that had called 911. It was her mother showing them the the body of what originally came out of her a boy when those same EMT's arrived at their shared residence. Her Mother had to watch them perform yet another act of Transgender Genocide.

ONLY ON SHEEPSHEAD BITES: Emergency responders left Shaun Smith to die because she is transgender, claims a lawsuit brought by the victim’s mother. The Sheepshead Bay attorney representing her says it’s part of a disturbing national trend of discrimination against transgender patients.

The allegations stem from a June 15, 2012, incident, when Smith’s mother, Jenette Cox called 911 after Smith – a transgender woman who was born a man – went into diabetic shock. When EMS responders arrived on the scene and found the victim to be transgender, they failed to render services, Cox alleges.

“This is somebody who needed urgent care and didn’t get it, and basically what stopped them were breasts on an originally male body,” said Ilya Novofastovsky, the Sheepshead Bay attorney representing Cox in the malpractice and discrimination case against the NYPD and the FDNY, which operates the EMS.

I guess I better hope I never need an ambulance:


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