My boys. My sweet, pure boys. The absolute light of my life. My everything.  I can't even wrap my head around this tragedy, because I see them when I think about this and my heart is ripped from my chest.  The horror is beyond comprehension to me.  Where do we even begin? Where do we go from here? How do we start down the path of sanity to prevent this?

Now IS the time to discuss it. We owe it to this class of Kindergartners. Executed in cold blood by a maniac. A maniac with guns. Not a knife. Guns. A whole class of my sweet, pure boys who will never play with their Ninjago again. Who will never draw comic books for daddy again or buy their parents sweet little presents for Channukah again. No more laughter, no more tears, no scraped knees or bike rides. No more tickling. Stuffed animals and security blankets will no longer be strewn about the house. Gone.

I would die on the spot if this happened to my kids.  Or lose it completely and be irredeemably catatonic.  The meaninglessness, the randomness, the hopelessness would be too much to bear. My heart would give. I know it would. These parents....I can't wrap my head around it....

There is no meaning to this now.  But we must give it meaning. We must start down the path to sanity or we as a culture, as country, as a society are as empty and diseased as this shooter.  If we don't do something we are all guilty from here on out when this continues to happen.  It must start and it must start now.

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