Well, that was fast.  I don't know if all the Kossacks who called and wrote letters based on my earlier diary created the tipping point for justice won, but hell, let's just assume they did!

Via KMOV Channel 4 St. Louis:

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – The Webster Grove School District has rehired a Hudson Elementary School cafeteria worker just days after being fired for letting a student eat hot lunches for free.

Dianne Brame said higher-ups within the district overruled her supervisor and reinstated her.
Brame said she was fired earlier this week for knowingly breaking a rule and letting a student eat hot lunches without paying for them.

And we learn that Brame was unaware of the procedures in place to deal with a situation which she encountered.  Wouldn't it have just made sense for her boss to have made her aware instead of firing her in the first place?
Brame said she will not have to have conflict mediation between her and her boss to smooth over the issue. She added she was told there is a procedure already in place for getting hot meals to underprivileged children.

When talking to News 4, Brame also added the lunch restriction policy at any school can be appealed so that no child would be served a certain meal on a permanent basis.
Brame said she was unaware of the appeals process but has been briefed on how to resolve similar issues in the future.

3:39 PM PT: Update.

One down. 25,673,104 injustices to go.

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