On Dec. 21the Mayan’s 5,125 year Long Count Calendar comes to an end, at which point many people think that the world will destroyed in a fiery cataclysm. One scientist’s research seems to indicate that the Mayan prophecies may be real based on alarming new data. Danish Geophysicist Dr. Sven Hassel has been studying the cycles of the Earth’s magnetic sphere since the 1970’s, and his research has turned up some surprising evidence that may have potentially catastrophic consequences. See what he has discovered after the fold.

–Hassel on his initial discovery “The earth’s magnetic sphere reverses polarity on average every half a million years or so. We have been able to confirm this by taking sediment samples from the area along the ridge in the Atlantic Ocean where the tectonic plates are pulling apart and magma is continuously flowing up into the gaps. The samples show which way the magnetic field was aligned when the rock solidified, and we can use that to look for possible shifts in polarity. In 1975 I was looking at core samples dating from about twenty-five thousand years ago when I noticed a slight fluctuation in the magnetic field, it was very weak, but it was puzzling because it seemed to indicate a shift like something was passing through the field. This could have been an anomaly of some sort, so I didn’t think much about it until I came across a similar disturbance in samples from around ten-thousand years ago. Since then I have been able to determine that these disturbances have been occurring in approximately five-thousand year intervals for at least the last forty-thousand years.

Hassel believes that these disturbances in the magnetic field are being caused by “a very large object, possibly an asteroid that is composed of a very dense iron core.” A small asteroid passing close to or impacting the Earth is not uncommon, but when asked how big this object may be he responded “It is impossible to know how big, but we have run some computer models and know the smallest it could be is 20km in diameter. At that size it would have had to come very close to the earth the last time around, and could potentially be on an collision course to impact the planet on its next pass” An object of that size is not unheard of,  but is twice the diameter of the asteroid that struck off of the Yucatan peninsula 65 million years ago, causing the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Based on carbon dating, Hassel has been able to calculate the orbital period of this object, and he has determined that we are within the window of when it should be approaching the planet again. If his theories are true, this would obviously be of great concern to the scientific community. In order test his hypotheses Dr. Hassel has submitted core samples to the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), the Earth Science Department at Oxford, and NASA. Although each agency has independently confirmed that the fluctuations in the magnetic field are real, but they have been unable to agree on what may be causing the disturbances.  

Declassified data from U.S. military satellites has shown that the earth is struck about once a week by asteroids at least 1m in diameter, so the potential dangers for our planet are very real. Dr. Hassel’s findings have been taken very seriously by organizations that attempt to locate and track these objects. Organizations like the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search continuously scan the skies for anything in space that may be heading towards earth, and have discovered over three-thousand Near Earth Objects (NEO) since 1993. Chief Astronomer. Ted Bowles of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona states that “the problem with an object like Hassel describes is that an asteroid composed of solid iron would look like a giant lump of coal against the night sky, so it would be almost impossible to detect unless it to passed directly in front of our telescope.”

Many people have drawn correlations between Dr. Hassel’s research and the Mayan doomsday prophecies. An impact from a large asteroid, often called a “planet killer,” would cause the fiery destruction of our planet described by the Mayans, but if modern observatories with their powerful telescopes are not able to detect such an object how could the ancient Mayans? NASA researcher Kenneth Scudder has theorized that if a large metallic object where to travel through earth’s magnetic field near the North Pole it would literally punch a hole in magnetic shield that protects the earth and that this would allow tremendous amounts of solar energy to stream into the upper atmosphere. This could potentially ionize enough gas to cause massive auroras that would light up the night sky, like a giant neon sign, all over the Northern Hemisphere.

Could the Mayans have seen and interpreted these spectacular auroras as a sign of an imminent apocalypse? We know that the Mayan culture was astrologically far ahead of their time. Modern scientists still do not understand how they were able to construct star charts and astrological calendars that date back tens of thousands of years. Miguel Salazar is the head of the Institute of Maya Studies at the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala. He has studied the Maya culture for decades and believes that their understanding of the universe was far more sophisticated than any other civilization of their time “there are carvings at Tikal (The ancient Mayan city in Guatemala) that date back to 700 BCE and show the earth and all seven of the other planets rotating around the sun. This was thousands of years before anyone else knew this, even western astronomers still believed that the earth was the center of the universe up until the fifteenth century.” Dr. Salazar has dedicated his life to deciphering the Mayan text that contain the prophecies, and based on what he has learned he thinks that we should be very worried “every prediction that I have ever read or studied from the Maya people has come true. We have been looking through ancient texts for clues about rare planetary alignments, or solar eclipse, anything that they may have interpreted as signaling the end of time itself, but we found nothing like that. I have always wondered what could possibly explain the doomsday prophecies until I came across Dr. Hassel’s research a few years ago and realized that it could be the missing piece of the puzzle. A huge asteroid like the one that he predicts, with an orbit that matches almost exactly to the five thousand year cycles of the Mayan calendar, and that is approaching now at the end of what the Mayans say is the last era, in my opinion this is not a coincidence.

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