So just a few days ago I wrote about all the talk about people saying if those children had been armed, they could have prevented the shooting. Then they go on to use Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead as an example. Stupid right? Especially for those with common sense.Around here we would use the example of if that child does shoot the shooter, but at that moment a policeman comes around the corner, sees a kid shooting, and then shoots that kid thinking he is the culprit. Chain reaction. Its bound to happen.

Well how about if that 'safe and trained kid' becomes the threat?

Police say an 11-year-old boy pulled a .22-caliber handgun on an elementary school classmate on Monday after his parents allegedly encouraged him to carry it for protection after last week's shooting in Connecticut.

Sixth grader Isabel Rios said that it was during morning recess at West Kearns Elementary outside of Salt Lake City that the boy placed the unloaded gun to her and her friend's head. Its ammunition was found in his backpack.

‘I told him I was going to tell, but he said, "If you tell, I'm going to kill you,"’ Isabel told KSL.

Who would have thought? Or in the words of a Bush Republican "Nobody could have ever predicted that would happen". Because these are the same people who gloss over the fact that Adam Lanza's mother was by all reports a 'responsible gun owner' who taught her children responsibility of maintaining the weapons, kept them locked up in the house, and possessed them legally.

1:19 PM PT: More 'responsible gun ownership @ work'


Ryder Rozier, a three-year old boy has died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while playing with his uncle’s gun in a bedroom of his uncle’s home
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