Boy, the recent tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, have really brought out the crazies in my little corner of the world!  A local County Commissioner had the following to say:

“Thank God for guns.” said Commissioner Baxter Hood, addressing the full County Commission regarding the massacre of schoolchildren, teachers and administrators at a K-4 school in Connecticut three days before.

“No one was armed,” Hood said of the victims. “The outcome probably would have been vastly different.”

Yeah!  That's the answer!  Why didn't I think of that??  Never mind that study after study has proven this little RWNJ fantasy to be false.  But the crazy didn't stop there:
“Twenty little children are dead and a bunch of people, the mass media, talk shows and columnists who need to fill time and spaces are arguing about gun laws,” Baxter said. “This is infuriating to me because there is no gun law that could have stopped this.”
He went on to say that it should be a job requirement for school principals to be highly trained to use a firearm under high pressure, and they should be required to go armed at all times while on the job.

Well, Mr. Hood, let me tell you what infuriates me - the refusal to accept the fact that gun laws DO make a difference.  Check out the statistics in Australia after gun laws were enacted.  But, like all your ilk, you don't have a need for 'facts'.  And furthermore, all you fanatics hate the teachers, their unions, think they're paid too much, don't do enough to teach our kids, etc., etc., etc., and now you want them to be trained as a police officer as well??

At least the local Sheriff has some sense:

[Sheriff] Anderson has repeatedly requested funding to expand full-time resource officers into all facilities, but those requests have been denied. The sheriff’s office contends law enforcement personnel — who undergo regular training on how to handle active shooter situations — are the logical deterrent and response to potentially tragic scenarios in schools.
Hell, why should the Commission give the Sheriff funding for additional resource officers when Mr. Hood wants to have the principals trained to do the same thing?

Sweet. Baby. Jeebus.  The stupid here is beyond words....

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