As the majority of Canadians are preparing for the holidays, our First Nations communities are suffering significantly under the “Harper” government and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, John Duncan.  Just a quick reminder of this government’s douchebaggery, let’s flashback to the famous or infamous “Harper” quote in regard to last year’s housing crisis “This government has spent some $90 million since coming to office just on Attawapiskat.  “That’s over $50,000 for every man, woman and child in the community.  Obviously we’re not very happy that the results do not seem to have been achieved for that.”

To date Mr. Harper hasn’t apologized for his completely inane, inflammatory and misleading statement. Rather than find solutions to the crisis, he blamed the victims, the native population, who were subject to horrendous treatment and abuse by the government.  Mr. Harper’s behaviour on that occasion, mirrors his complete contempt and arrogance in regard to our native population.

This government is attempting to make significant changes to the Indian Act, specifically by attempting to ram through Bill C-428 without proper consultation with the First Nations’ population it affects.  The governments, both past and present, have done little to deal with the substandard living conditions our native population are exposed to, that parallel the living conditions seen in developing nations.  This government has failed to address the inequity in the educational funding afforded to these people.  This government refuses to abide by treaties between the native community and the government.  This government continues to believe that colonialization is a good and noble cause.  This government has become an embarrassment within the global community in its callous disregard for its own citizens.

“This government has spent over $1 billion on a 3-day party just on the G8/G20 summits.  Obviously we, as taxpayers, are not very happy with the results.”

Chief Theresa Spence take a stance against the horrid, disrespectful treatment our First Nations population are subject to from the Canadian government.  Chief Spence has been on a hunger strike since December 11, 2012.  Stand in solidarity with her!

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Originally posted to This Much I Know Is True... on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 05:40 PM PST.

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