Here's a still image captured from CSPAN as President Barack Obama landed at Andrews Air Force Base enroute to The White House, returning from his vacation in Hawaii to take one last shot at pushing Congress to avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff:

President Obama lands at Andrews AFB enroute to The White House from his vacation in Hawaii
I'd show you a picture of John Boehner, but apparently cameras aren't following him around while he continues his vacation in West Chester, Ohio.

10:08 AM PT (Barbara Morrill): From CNN:

Two sources on Capitol Hill say President Barack Obama told Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell he would send to Congress on Thursday a scaled back fiscal cliff measure.

The bill would include elements of Obama's tax plan which would prevent for some the tax hike scheduled to take place in the new year.

McConnell has said he can not say whether he would require a simple majority or 60 votes for passage in the Senate until he sees Obama's proposal.

It is expected that the measure would extend the Bush-era tax breaks for income under $250,000, extend the current estate tax rate, and extend unemployment insurance. The estate tax extension is on Republicans' wish list for a deal.

10:20 AM PT (Barbara Morrill): Or not:

Sr. WH official tells me that, contrary to reports from Repubs, president will NOT be sending a fiscal cliff proposal to Capitol Hill.
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