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and so many others that suffered much, much worse.

That's who the House GOP is screwing over by refusing to vote today on aid for Sandy and by trying their best to minimize that aid.

I'm the first to admit that I'm relatively lucky.  All my mom and I lost as a result of Sandy was the food in our refrigerator and our freezer and our car.  We were lucky that the money was there to fill up with food and go out and buy a new car.  Many, many others were not nearly that lucky.

My dad and his wife lost their cars and their basement was flooded.  They got some help from FEMA and from their homeowner's insurance (it was partly ruled sewer backup), but they didn't have flood insurance because they don't live in a flood zone.  Like my mom and I, they live in Zone B, which was not expected to flood.

There are many others that couldn't get to work in the aftermath of Sandy because of the damage caused to our mass transit system.  With just a little bit of assistance that damage can be mitigated or prevented in the future.  They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Doesn't it make sense to spend some money now as opposed to spending more and more money with each storm?

Then there are those that lost everything.  There are the first responders of Breezy Point who were busy saving the lives of others while their own houses burned down.  There are the people of Staten Island and New Jersey who found their treasured and irreplaceable personal possessions miles away.  There are the people that didn't live to tell about their Sandy experience and the loved ones that they left behind.

These are the people that the GOP is deciding to screw.  Real people who just want to get on with their lives.  People who have paid their taxes and done what they're supposed to do.  People like me and many others here in the Northeast.

Oh, and this is what my old car, a 2000 Subaru Legacy in excellent condition before the storm, looked like after Sandy was done with it.  It was in my building's underground parking garage and the garage flooded, not that it would matter considering that cars parked on the street by my building were floating in the street.

As you can see, the waters reached to nearly the windows
The seawater poured into the car, leaving the interior muddy and damp days later
The white stuff that you see under the hood is salt that was left over after the seawater receded and evaporated.  It's what made sure that there was no way the car could even start because it fried the electronics.
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