Not worthy of being called a progressive. In fact, I might even put quotation marks around the word progressive, just to show how much they are NOT progressive. Because they disagree with me. They are cowards, those who disagree I mean. Cowards, and secret republicans of course. Maybe even teabaggers. Pretend liberals here to derail the conversation. Duh, isn't it obvious? These "progressives" (see what I did there?!?!) don't even have the COURAGE, the STRENGTH OF CONVICTION to agree with me, therefore they must be stupid, evil or both.

I bet they hate kittens, puppies and ponies too. And not to mention how much dumber they are than me and everyone who agrees with me. I mean, how could they not see the glorious righteousness of my correctness from the very beginning. Which leads me back to my first point, they must be secret conservatives here to deliberately discredit me.

Wouldn't it just be easier to agree with everything I say and just rec this diary? It seems so simple to me but some "kossacks" (ooooooooh I did it again. Those quotes sure do feel good to type) simply refuse to see the light. Alright, alright, maybe they are not conservatives, but if not they surely are dumb, milquetoast chickens who refuse to see the light. All those that disagree with me, that is.

Sometimes I wait for the glorious day that everyone simply agrees with me, recs my diary, maybe writes a simple "RIGHT ON, REXY YOU ARE THE BEST" in the comments (and yes, the caps are necessary, it proves how right I am), and moves on, being enlightened by my greatness. Alas, that day is far off, as long as these "progressive" cowards are in our midst. Kos should do a better job of bringing the ban hammer on all who disagree with my greatness. Where are you Kos?

Anyway, I expect no disagreement in this diary. It will be hr'd on sight, you have my word about that. My thousands and thousands of followers will descend on you like a plague of locusts if you DARE UTTER a word of dissension in this diary. And trust me, I will bring the whole weight of my dkos reputation on and crush you like the COWARDLY BUG, LIKE THE SPECK YOU ARE if you dare disagree with a word I have spoken here.



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