In my paper today is Jennifer Rubin's latest column from The Washington Post. Pure comedic genius, except that I guess it's meant to be her actual opinion.  Which is: "George W. Bush has a legacy which is becoming more impressive with time." If you can manage the gag factor, follow me over the orange thingy for a few laughs.

Update:  Link to whole story Bush Legacy

After everything settles, both parties will have to agree that this (fiscal cliff deal) was a big win for Bush
Let's see now - the top tax bracket already started at about $389K. So, for just $11K more in the bracket, Democrats got the rate pushed back up over 4 points. Capital gains went back up to 20% and with PPACA another 3.8 points, making this 23.8% total capital gains tax. Those same people also see their Medicare tax go up by .9 pts.  All told, those above $400K will see a rise of about 6 points in their taxes.

Seems like a rather large loss for Bush.

Bush was a model of fiscal sobriety compared to his successor
Yes, putting 2 wars on the credit card was fiscal sobriety. The Medicare prescription drug benefit - another trillion to the debt, whereas  Obamacare actually attempts to manage costs and add revenues to pay for needed health care reform. Another trillion in unpaid debt for Homeland Security. Neglect of the VA, now improving under Obama. The list goes on and on.
Iraq remains intact, despite Obama's rush for the exits.
Grossly laughable to attribute success in Iraq to Bush - it is Obama's administration that has facilitated the transition to Iraqi forces, and helped created the stability there, Iraq was still a mess when Bush left, and does anyone remember Mission Accomplished?
Bush's intelligence policies eventually led to the assassination of Osama bin Laden
Yeah, okay. His failures led to Osama evading capture in the first place and the worsening situation in Iraq, but hey his "policies" led to Osama. Well, I guess Bush I's policies toward Iraq eventually led to the death of Saddam by that logic. Ridiculous.
His deeply held conviction on human rights stand in contrast to Obama's dismal record.
Yeah, that whole torture thing was nothing.
Bush is a veritable giant among presidents. . . for his brother Jeb, the Bush name should be no barrier to a presidential run
A fiscal meltdown and the worst recession since the Great Depression. Failure of No Child Left Behind. Failure against Al Queda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. The WMD lies. The utter disgrace of the handling of Katrina. The scandal of Walter Reed. A 40% drop in the stock market. The elections of Hamas and Ahmadinejad worsening the Middle East situation.  The list goes on and on.

His name is so sullied that the Republican Party had nothing to do with him in 2010 or 2012, nor with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft/Gonzalez, etc.

It is just mind boggling that Rubin is trying to burnish Chimpy's legacy of failures, especially in comparing him to President Obama. But this is the Republican Party - a warped bunch of lies is all they have to offer any more.


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