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Fox News debates ‘yoga Nazis’ and ‘the wussification of America’

I want to mostly bypass their nonsense about yoga, though it is the introduction to this bizarre tear on which they go bemoaning their idea that yoga being called a sport is sending a bad message to the children as is offering them yoga and Zen training.

No...Fox News talked with a 'motivational speaker' Larry Wingnut Winget, who made reference to his upcoming book "Grow a Pair". (No, I am not making that up). He feels yoga can't be a sport if there is no ball an or nobody "is keeping score".

“I think Yoga’s amazing, I think it’s wonderful,” Winget said sarcastically as co-host Steve Doocy giggled. “I’m going to say that because I don’t want all those yoga Nazis coming after me on this thing. Listen, I think it’s a great supplement to a real sport, but it’s certainly not a sport.”
Yes, the stupid is thick. Video at link if you're masochistic. Giggling is very manly, by the way.

It is this, along with a sarcastic reference in context about Zen training to help angry sports parents to which I take great exception and offense.

“I think it is a trend that is the wussification of American,” the “pitbull of personal development” added. “Luckily, I’ve got a new book coming out this fall called ‘Grow a Pair’ that deals with that very thing, that we need to toughen up and stand up for ourselves and learn to be a lot tougher than yoga’s going to teach us to do all by ourselves.”
All of this hot methane emanates from these gasbags partly due to wingnut ideology and it's complementary complete incompetence regarding that which they rail against. None of these idiots know a goddamned thing about yoga and they know even less about Zen.

The ideological part is their derision of anti-violence/peaceful lifestyle.

It's part of their DFH stereotype and central (at least in their tiny minds) to the whole concept of liberalism. Right from the beginning of the video they are concern-trolling about more and more children being taught yoga. One of the hosts decries the loss of competition and winning and losing.

Now, I do agree with some of what he says regarding socialization and humility (yes, that word was used - Irony IS dead) being a benefit of sports, not to mention the sheer physical and character development bit. But must of his presence there was to participate in a wingnut gangbang of liberal values and to call those values "wussy".

The disturbing wussification of America is what he called it: teaching children to cooperate (though competitive teams do this - he doesn't mind competition between socialist entities, I guess). Luckily, as he says, he's got a new book coming out so Americans can learn to man up.

Just what we need.

This is bullies, recently having had their collective ass kicked, whining and calling names and continuing to limp along with their agenda: rightwing propaganda. They  this guy to have a quick anti-liberal yuck-fest because, as they say that the beginning of the video, they have some time to kill.

Zen is at the heart of numerous martial arts and older martial arts are rooted in ancient spiritual disciplines. Shaolin Kung fu, anyone?  Bueller?

These fools know nothing about this and it's offensive to see them have such huge media access - with 'time to kill' - and to spend it smearing things they don't understand. It is, however, a fabulous biopsy of what FOX is all about, about what they are made of, and what they value.

And talk about the pot calling the kettle black: FOX news hosts are by and large a parade of flaccid, pampered wussies.

Sean Hannity. God what a flaming wimp. Is it just me, or do others see him as about as tough as overcooked pasta?

Bill O'Reilly. Deeeeeee-crepit. It would be nice to challenge him to a charity fight but he's too old and wussified from his financial success. He's totally wussed-out. But what an armchair commando. Without control of that mic he's nothing.

The two guys on the video - the FOX dorks - neither of them could do much more than wet themselves if confronted. What sniveling punks.

And these ignorant toads want to call exercising Americans 'wussies' because they don't have a ball and nobody's keeping score. Pathetic.

Unsure what's up with Mr. Tough Guy; he's done well for himself selling his books about picking yourself up by your bootstraps and just snapping out of it (whatever 'it' is). Maybe he eats rattlesnakes live. Maybe he really is tough. Maybe he's managed to sell methane and ('luckily')has a fresh release right around the corner.

But while he doesn't appear to know what he's talking about up front (I could care less if yoga was a sport or not), he sure hits the wingnut value system. I imagine that his book will sell well to FOX news sorts.

. . . . . especially if they release it in comic book form.



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