I had no idea that when Fox News calls Dick Morris a "former Clinton aide", they mean the former president's one time re-election campaign manager who happened to be fired for soliciting a $200/hr call girl who dutifully reported to the press that Morris had been revealing details of internal conversations with the President of the United States to her. (I was just barely 11 at the time.)

It's totally of a piece with Fox giving convicted war criminal Oliver North his own military porn show, but I digress. Rachel spun a very elaborate yarn tonight connecting his behavior in 1996 to his very peculiar 2012 election forecasting and suspicious fundraising activities. As Bill Kristol wrote recently, what starts as a movement eventually becomes a racket... Anyway Maddow's presentation was exceptionally enthralling and a very good look into the heart of the contemporary conservative movement.

I'll link to it when the video becomes available online; in the meantime check out the Jan. 4 Corrections Department segment if and when you get the chance.

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