First off, Twigg wrote about this first in his excellent diary spotlighting the horrible story Monday of 4 women shot to death. I was going to add a post in his diary but felt it would be WAY too long. I am going to add a little bit of info on the other shootings after the pig in the blanket.

Tulsa has a population of about 400,000, nearly a million if you zoom out and include the metro.  It is located nearly centrally on the map of the lower 48.  It can be considered both Southern and Midwestern.  

I've lived in Tulsa for about 7 years now (technically I now live in a suburb). Typically we have about 52-65 homicides a year. About 1 per week. I don't have the data, but most of those homicides are gun related.

On Friday April 6, 2012 (Good Friday) a pair of gunmen shot 5 people (3 died, 2 injured) in North Tulsa.  This seems to have been racially motivated as the alleged shooters are a white man and another man that is biracial (white and native American). They allegedly drove into North Tulsa (an area predominantly black) and shot only black people at 3 different locations. Adding to the possible racial motivation is that one of the shooter's father was killed by a black man (in a case of self defense, also, by a gun) and of course he posted on facebook

Today is two years that my dad has been gone shot by a f*king n*** it's hard not to go off between that and sheran I'm gone in the head.RIP. Dad and sheran I. Love and miss uI think about both of u every second of the day
Of course they caught the alleged Good Friday shooters, and it happened in North Tulsa, the "Black Part" of town.

I just wanted to add the good Friday information because I'm guessing that that was the last "mass shooting" before yesterday.  Most of our homicides are in North Tulsa, East Tulsa and a small pocket to the south at 61st and Peoria.

The first homicide of the year was Jan 4 on Friday.  It was in North Tulsa. He was shot.  Police arrested  4 black men for the murder of another black man.

The second homicide of the year was in North Tulsa on Sunday Jan 6.   The victim allegedly pointed a gun at a man who then pulled his gun and shot him.

The seventh homicide was Monday Jan 7 just before 10pm a man was shot in the back several times in East Tulsa.  I do not have information on the victim's race, but East Tulsa is a racially diverse, less affluent part of town.

But before that one on Monday, there was the  third thru sixth homicides, theQuadruple homicide at 61st an Peoria.  Four women found shot to death, luckily the shooter did not killed the  young boy that was present.  

61st and Peoria is a peculiar part of town.  This area buttresses the trendy Brookside area to the North, is just off of River Parks to the west, is near the Southern Hills Country Club (home to several PGA US Opens )to the East,  and borders the affluent South Tulsa. For the most part it's just that one intersection and MAYBE a block in all directions that is dangerous.  Of course this is a melting pot area as well filled up with section 8 housing.  That apartment complex where this homicide happened has had 3 difference homicides since August (aug homicide (a shooting), sept homicide (a shooting)). I actually used to live at 61st and Peoria.  Not THAT complex, but across the street.  It was my first home in Tulsa.  The apartment staff pretty much ran me off. They rewarded me for all my 18 months of behaving and paying on time in full, by raising my rent each time my lease was up.  They assumed that I would realize that the cost of moving is more than the cost of an extra $40 or $50 a month when they raised my rent.  Moving is expensive, but when I literally heard gun shots and police sirens EVERY NIGHT it was definitely worth it to move while I was still alive.

There was another shooting in North Tulsa Sunday (the 6th) Evening. Fortunately the man, though shot in his lower abdomen, has survived.

Oh yeah, ANOTHER SHOOTING occurred. This one was early Monday Jan 7 in East Tulsa/Catoosa.  Victim was hit in the head, shot, and had HIS car stolen.

Nine people shot in 4 days.

Coincidentally, the World's Largest Gun Show was this past weekend.  No evidence that any of these guns were purchased at gun shows, just a "happy" coincidence.

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