Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)
Not a mugshot.
New congress, same crap. You might think your elected officials already have their hands full not dealing with all the manufactured fiscal crises they dumped in their own laps, but that stuff's boring, and involves math and stuff. It's easier to just do a little cheap pandering to your worst and most racist base, and Iowa Republican Steve King helps to kick those efforts off in the new year by repealing birthright citizenship:
Thirteen of King’s fellow House Republicans have signed on as co-sponsors of the bill to make “anchor babies” (the American-born children of illegal immigrants) a thing of the past. One of the bill’s co-sponsors is Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, one of the first members of the “birther” crowd, the people who question whether President Obama was born in the United States.
The bill is expected to go nowhere, as usual. Rep. Steve King is also expected to go nowhere, but will do it very loudly.

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