The Huffington Post has all the details on the latest embarrassment from the Right Wing Clown Show led by human chancre Alex Jones.   These wingers, gun nuts and all around teanuts decided that Senator Dianne Feinstein(D-California) should be charged with treason just because Feinstein wants to do a common-sense thing in response to the Newtown massacre.  That's right, these wingers believe that banning assault weapons and banning high-capacity rounds is somehow Unconstitutional.  So these dead-enders decided to start a petition to the White House to charge Senator Feinstein with treason, and they have now exceeded the threshold for a response from the White House.   My suggestion to Barack Obama, just say one word:  Nuts! (History buffs will get the reference)

What I really hate about clowns like Jones who is pondscum(all Truthers are), is that they wind up making me defend people that I dislike.   I think Piers Morgan is a terrible commentator who is too right-wing, but Morgan doesn't deserve petitions from idiots that think he ought to be deported for speaking the truth about guns(and I think we ought to be more like the UK on guns and on health care, and we should look at their political system for ways to isolate the fringes).   Similarly, Senator Feinstein is a Conservadem that is to the right of her state, and I hope that she retires eventually so someone more progressive like Kamala Harris can take her place.   Senator Feinstein has been entirely too pro-corporate.  However, she is taking the correct steps in her attempts to take on a major problem in the United States: gun violence.   Yes, we do need to do more to combat gun violence.  No, we don't need to amend or repeal the 2nd Amendment which is a Amendment that enshrines the right to defend oneself and allows hunters to have the means to support themselves(as historians can tell you, the U.K had some very strict laws about what could be hunted).   A movement to Repeal the 2nd Amendment would only give these village idiots credibility.  

It's tempting to propose a counter-petition, perhaps asking the White House to reinstate putting morons like Alex Jones in the stocks.   But we needn't stoop to their level.   We do need to push back against the notion that gun regulations break the spirit of the 2nd Amendment when the Amendment itself states "well-regulated".   A society where arms are unregulated is a less free society, and yes we can get the support of the majority of responsible gun owners to further regulate firearms and to institute policies that keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

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