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On Monday, Rush Limbaugh continued to lower the floor of his ghastly right wing talk show.  Limbaugh claimed that there was a movement underway by the left to "normalize pedophilia," saying the left's feeling is "kids like it, and so do adults, and there's nothing wrong with it."  He went on to liken this supposed movement to the movement for marriage equality.  Limbaugh's entire premise for this reckless, ridiculous claim was an article in the Guardian which he apparently neglected to read.  Limbaugh was roundly lambasted by a variety of civil rights and LGBT groups for his malicious smear.

How Limbaugh serves as his own worst enemy after the jump

As a member of the StopRush community, working to remove financial support for this hateful radio show, I saw Limbaugh's latest rant as a sort of horrible gift.  Horrible because of how potentially damaging it is to the relationships among diverse communities in our country.  But a gift because it gives my fellow volunteers and I yet another arrow to put in our quivers when we contact Limbaugh's advertisers to let them know exactly what they are supporting when they allow their ads to run on his show.  

The day after Limbaugh's ludicrous assertion I fired off a round of emails to the day's advertisers as I always do.  One of them was a museum in a large Midwestern town.  The next day I received a response which was particularly noteworthy because it came not from the museum but from an executive at the radio station.  The email is redacted in order to protect identities of those mentioned.


Please accept our sincere apologies on behalf of (Station name).  (Station name) poorly represented our client, the XXXXXX Museum and their best interest by running 1 commercial announcement at precisely 1:33 p.m. yesterday, January 8, 2013 during The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Let it be known that this commerical announcement was not authorized to run by The XXXXXXXX Museum.  In fact, the XXXXXXX Museum made every effort to ensure that their commercials would not run in the program.  Although the announcement ran as a result of an honest human error, there is absolutely no excuse for this mistake.

Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the Communications professionals at the XXXXXXX Museum.  They immediately brought this matter to our attention, and measures were taken this morning to assure that this never happens again.

Also, please know that nationally syndicated programming, such as The Rush Limbaugh Show are programming decisions that are made by our parent company.  This matter was immediately reported to senior management at the highest level.  Again, please excuse the XXXXXX Museum.  They are a staple in the (name of city) Community, and your patronage and support mean so very much to them.


(Name of Executive)


What is noteworthy about this letter is that it is the first time I can recall when a radio station responded to one of our volunteers (at least in a cordial manner) instead of the advertiser responding.  Limbaugh's mouth is becoming a real liability for them if advertisers are so exasperated that stations are forced to do their damage control for them.  StopRush continues to cause headaches for a radio industry that is reeling from wave after wave of bad news.  

Limbaugh's stations are scrambling to manage their ad inventory--no small feat considering the 2,200 sponsors that have chosen to withdraw their ads from his program in the face of its increasingly repugnant content.  And if Rush Limbaugh has anything to say about it, that exodus is only going to grow.

Please consider joining our communities working to hold Rush Limbaugh accountable for hatred towards women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and the poor.  Just a few minutes a day letting sponsors know that their reputation is being associated with hate speech can make a huge difference.  

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