They're riled up in the Republic of Free. This short post smoked out the crazies:

The War Cometh

Well, the time for talk has ended. Law-abiding Americans must now choose what is most important to them in their daily lives: individual freedom or governmental tyranny at the hands of crazed Leftists.

The crazies respond:
Odd that Lanza would use a long range .223 rifle (and not the handguns he had on his person) to kill children 20 feet away. But it was necessary for him to use the type of firearm our gov't is most afraid of and seeks to ban.
The government seeks to ban the firearms THEY FEAR COULD BE MOST-EFFECTIVELY USED AGAINST THEM.
While i do sincerely believe the left has the actual desire to exterminate us,, i think their skills are very weak. In a fictional despotic attempt to exterminate us, they would fece deep problems. First they are easily outgunned 200 to one.
They few government formations that have the skill to do the dirty work of such an administration, and who line up on their side will find themselves in very unfamiliar territory. Fighting where they live.
The bloodbaths will begin in the cities. The police know they can cordon and sweep large portions of the population due to density.

Then the suburbs. Many will band together as neighbors to protect their property, but without coordination, communication, and a willingness to fire on the brown shirts, they too will fall.

The rest of the fighting will happen in the fields of rural America. I live in the suburbs, and my bug out materiel is prepared for when the fires start burning in nearby cities. I’ll be headed for the family farm to bunker down.

I am spiritually prepared for what is coming. I believe our cause is just. It is our duty to cast off the shackles of tyranny and fight for our lives as free men. If we lose, the Kingdom of Heaven is prepared to receive us, but we will not fall. God, I believe, will be on our side.

It's an active thread, and the crazy is still unfolding:

Boooo....thread was pulled (too crazy for the crazies?).
There were about 20 replies, but not one in the vein of, "Hey, aren't we going a little overboard here?"

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