Unlike most corporations that hoard their profits or otherwise have a tendency to make life miserable for their employees while lining their personal pocketbooks, the "corporation" known as Keith Olbermann is helping out his alma mater AND honoring a couple of very important people in his life who helped make him the voice for so many without a voice.

Keith's broadcasting career began at student - run radio station WVBR at Cornell University. Apparently, the current facility is not as close to campus as it should be, and, with all the new rapidly - developing technology in the broadcasting field & the cramped quarters, the station needed a little "boost." That "boost" has arrived via a very generous donation from one of its more well - known alumni.

The new facility will be known as the Olbermann - Corneliess Studios. No, the "Olbermann" here is NOT Keith; it is in memory of his father, Theodore Olbermann. Most of us remember Keith's powerful sharing of helping to care for his father & helping to bring the health care reform debate to a human level.

The "Corneliess" in the equation is a former station program director, Glenn Corneliess.

More information about the story can be found here, and a picture of the check presentation is here. And, how 'bout that dollar amount?! :D

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